We empower the bald and balding to live their best lives

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At MANTL we believe that bald is fearless.

We choose to stand against the outdated ideas of masculinity.

We choose to challenge media's representation of baldness.

We choose to build community.

We choose confidence.

We choose action.

MANTL is here to support you: with information, products, a supportive community of co-conspirators, creating the space for you to move forward — free from the baggage and stereotypes of the past, empowering you to live your fullest life.

Will you join us?

Take up the mantle and dare to bare your greatness.

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Founders' Note

We founded MANTL to empower men all over the world to embrace bald and balding as a natural part of being a man.

Our shared experience of dealing with the shame and self-doubt of balding led us to build an alternative movement — rooted in confidence, brotherhood, and products for your Face + Scalp.

You made the decision to take up the mantle and move towards acceptance and self-love. Because, balding is not a choice, but being bald is.

Thank you for taking on this journey with MANTL. We are here to support you, empower you, and celebrate with you!

Bare your Greatness,
Pete, Irene, and Karamo

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Founders' Note

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The Stages

The Bald Journey

“This is not happening to me.”


You start here — avoiding the mirror, wearing hats, assuming the hair on your pillow or in your drain is simply a part of "normal daily hair loss." However, that nagging question continues to surface: "Am I balding?"

“Why is this happening to me.”


The question of balding manifests in your mind and people in your life start to look different. You look at men in your family for answers, for hope, but come back empty-handed. Resentment, jealousy, and overall malaise emerge, and you just aren't acting quite like yourself.

“How can I fix it?”


But wait, maybe there is hope? As your hairline recedes or the bald spot expands, you want reach for anything that'll stop the onslaught of hairloss — creams, pills, maybe even surgery? There are so many questions, very few answers, nothing quite feels right.

“I’ve failed.”


You come to realize that there are no answers, silver bullets, or magic potions. You have failed your fight with hair loss and you feel defeated — like you've lost yourself and who you used to be. You look at old photos and lament the days gone by with hopelessness.

“I’ve arrived.”


Breaking out of depression comes from your willingness to realize that your life doesn't end with being bald. You find freedom from the binds of the mental anguish that balding is ""less than" — you realize you are greater than what you ever could have imagined. You are confident, strong, and powerful. You have arrived.

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It's just the beginning of a new life without hair - one that is just as vibrant and full of possibility as your life before hair loss.

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