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Face + Scalp

No-Shine Sheets

Made with Bamboo Charcoal & wood fibers, our No-Shine Sheets instantly neutralize excess oil & dirt — absorbing shine for a refreshed, clean look. Comes with a refillable dispenser that allows you to customize your perfect sheet size every time.

No-Shine Sheet: 500 x 7 cm / 196 x 2.8 in
No-Shine Sheet Refills: 3 Refills

Better Bald Guarantee
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Key Ingredient

Bamboo Charcoal is a sustainable, renewable material that helps remove and absorb impurities from the skin.


Wood Pulp, Bamboo Charcoal


Smooth, lightweight paper



Synthetic Dye Free
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How to Use

No-Shine Sheets

Banish shine and excess oil throughout your day with our compact dispenser and refills.


Use as needed for your Face + Scalp


Pull sheet through the dispenser to your desired length. Close the dipenser and tear the sheet at an angle. Press on shiny areas of Face + Scalp as needed throughout the day.

Tip: To best absorb shine and excess oil, gently blot (don't wipe!) the sheet of your desired size onto your Face + Scalp.

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